Yellow Sparkly New Year Card.png

A new year is a fresh start for many people as they make resolutions to live healthier, happier, and overall, have a wonderful year. The kids at Palmetto Place spent some time thinking about what they wanted to accomplish in 2018, what goals they would set and resolutions they wanted to make. All of our kids are hoping to start the year off strong, but that means something different for each one.

Some of the younger teen girls in our children’s shelter made resolutions to live healthier. A few wanted to lose weight, one wanted to build muscle, and one wants a bigger butt (we talked about healthy weight gain.) When I asked what their plan was for keeping and working towards these resolutions, they came up with a really good idea: relying on one another and not trying to do it along. They’ve been working out in the evenings after homework, encouraging each other to choose healthy snacks, and spending time outside.

One of our college freshmen was home over the holiday break and his resolution is more of a goal: passing his second semester. He is at college on a band scholarship and in addition to all his classes, he also has practice every day. It’s been harder than he expected it to be but is determined not to let last semesters struggles keep him down. He’s back at school now and is ready to start the semester off strong. Many of our students in all grade levels made resolutions to keep better grades.

Some of our other kids made resolutions to have a better attitude. This is something I thought was really mature of them to acknowledge, as so many of them are dealing with trauma. Sometimes our kids do act out, talk back, and are disrespectful – but it’s usually because they’re angry, feel like no one understands them, and are looking for love and attention. I was really proud of the kids who acknowledge they have bad days and those who are working on having more good days.

Some of their resolutions are on my list too: getting organized, procrastinating less, getting good grades, etc.. My favorite thing about a new year: having a fresh start and new opportunities that come along with it. There is an entire year ahead of us to show kindness to others, help make our community stronger, and help one another grow

You have 365 days to make a difference in someone else’s life and you can start right here at Palmetto Place. This year we’re making it easier for you to help support our kids by opening donation drop off locations in Columbia and Lexington. You can bring your donations to either of the Turbeville Insurance offices. We also have lots of ways you can get involved as a volunteer, from painting the teen house and tutoring kids, to bringing meals and being a mentor. You can sign up to volunteer here.

Did you make new year resolutions? We’d love to hear how you plan on making 2018 your best year.

- Megan Parrot, Communications Intern