This post is written by a wonderful volunteer, Ms. Devon, who comes on Sundays and does art projects with our kids. We're so happy she shared this story with us. Little Mister CJ is becoming quite enamored with art and stayed longer in Sunday’s art class than anyone, this go-round. For his age (4), he's quite talented and uses a brush very well, slapping on coat after coat of paints on his jar project. CJ won my heart right off the bat, as a new arrival, and we've had many conversations that had nothing to do with art but everything to do with food. Such a dialogue—a quite lengthy one—happened as I was leaving one day and saw CJ sitting at the table in full study of  a spread of red-velvet cake crumbs, food items I sensed he might have been snacking on. Until I got there. He saw me see him, and inquired what these tiny red things were.

Valentine's cupcake 2012

I said, "Well, I think they're crumbs."

Wistfully, he replied, "Crumbs? They look good."

I suppressed laughter and said, "They might be good, but they might be someone else’s."

Smarter than one might give him credit for, CJ thought about this for a bit, then said, "I want to eat them."

Oh, I was grinning now, "Maybe so, but it might be a better idea to ask one of the house parents if you can have a snack."

"A snack?" Everything for CJ is repeated questions, but if you don't think that's how it sinks in for him, it certainly is his learning curve.

He stood up, but before jaunting off to find a house parent, he took one last, loving look at those cake crumbs. Funny, funny.

Well, fast-forward to Sunday's art. This formerly-hungry-all-the-time and eating-crumbs-Charmer spotted a cookie while he was painting.

"Look!" he pointed.

I leaned over and spotted a Keebler Short-Stripe. (Man oh man, I used to gobble those up when I was CJ's age.) When I straightened up again, I met his grin. "I won't eat it," he assured me. "But it looks good." I guffawed.