love late summer. I loved it even more when I was a kid, though, because it meant the heat was about to subside (finally). It meant it was almost time to go back to school--and yes, I was the kind of kid who loved school. It also meant I got all sorts of fun new outfits, new shoes, new notebooks and sharp crayons. It was a ritual in my family growing up, and this was the most exciting time of year for shopping.

But many of the children who come to us at Palmetto Place aren't used to having new back-to-school outfits. We believe providing that milestone is important for children's sense of stability, and the development of their individuality. Picking out a particular outfit gives children an opportunity to express themselves, and explore their identities. Won't you help us give that experience to a child this year?

We ask that you consider donating money or giftcards to Palmetto Place Children's Shelter this month to help us prepare for back-to-school shopping. We do most of our shopping at Belk, Marshall's, JC Penny, WalMart, Payless, and Rackroom, but gifts to other stores are always appreciated.

We thank you for your continued support of the Palmetto Place family.