Thank you for what you are about to take on! All those bright shining faces awaiting your direction and your enthusiasm for a brand new year! We’re so excited for the year ahead.  

When you look around your classroom next week, you’ll see that every kid just wants to blend in with everyone else in your classroom – just to fit in as if nothing is wrong. But of course you know this already. Teachers, you are the main reporters of child abuse. You are the eyes and ears in your classroom. You know what’s going on with all of those children and for that we are thankful.

On those first few days of school, you might notice some things out of place. Maybe someone’s clothes aren’t clean. Maybe there’s a bruise. Maybe homework isn’t getting done. Maybe someone doesn’t have a backpack. Maybe there’s a stomach growling because someone didn’t have breakfast…or dinner the night before. Maybe someone is falling asleep because they slept on the floor.


We just thank you for taking extra good care of every child in your classroom. These kids who might have something out of place? Well, they might be Palmetto Place kids. Really, our kids are the same as every other kid. They want the same things – to be loved, taken care of, paid attention to, praised, helped. But our kids might just have an extra layer or two of stress, abuse, neglect, abandonment. They may have just arrived at our home, with no change of clothes, no backpack.


So, teachers, keep up the good work. Love them all, like you do each and every year. Find patience for the daily struggles. Call us when you need us. We’re here to support our kids and support you. Our mission is to make daily life as good as it can possibly be while in foster care. We’re your partners and we’re grateful for what you do for our kids.


With gratitude,

The Palmetto Place Family