December is such a fun month! The kids have plans to go ice skating (if it cools off!), build gingerbread houses, decorate for Christmas, and make new holiday memories. It can also be a hard month emotionally for our kids. Some of them miss family and friends this time of year. Some of our younger kids don't know if Santa will find them at Palmetto Place and some of the older kids realize they don't have the same experiences as you and your family.  But we're working to make sure the holidays are special and magical for each of our kids. Thank you to everyone who is collecting items from our Holiday Wish List. Your donations will help keep the shelter stocked well beyond Christmas. There are a few needs that aren't on that list. Can you help us collect these items?

For the Children's Shelter: 

Winter coats and fleeces

Shaving cream


Hair brushes



Twin sized comforters

Twin sized mattress protectors

For the Teen House: 

Cleaning supplies (Broom/ mop/ mop bucket etc.)

Can opener

Heavy duty large serving spoons

Shower heads with a hose (We can use 1 more!)

Food storage containers

Large aluminum tin baking pans

Large mixing bowls

Large boiling pot