Each year, our counselor, Jill, works with our kids to write New Year's Resolutions. It's a good time to set goals, maybe close the door on a rough year and, of course, start fresh. This year, Jill added a little something to this fun activity. She asked the kids about last year - what did you do really well in 2013? What did you learn? What did you enjoy? Here's a look back at 2013 and a look ahead at 2014. Thanks for being part of our Palmetto Place family last year and we look forward to sharing more with you in the year to come.


  • In 2013 I was really great about remembering … my mom … to listen … to do my homework … to stay strong
  • In 2013, I really enjoyed… chicken… the Fair
  • In 2013, I learned … multiplication … being myself … to live with multiple people … how to be a good reader … how to make real true friends … new skills for my job … to be grateful
  • In 2013, I connected with … the kids at Palmetto Place … my dad


  • In 2014, I will … be happy and I’ll go home and my mom will be happy … make new friends … make a new life … be responsible … be myself and express myself … keep accomplishing my goals
  • In 2014, I will be grateful because … being at Palmetto Place has shown me that I take so much for granted ... I will appreciate my mom and all she does for me.
  • In 2014, I will be grateful to see my family
  • In 2014, I will do less … complaining … talking … TV … judging
  • In 2014, I will do more … listening … thinking … being grateful … working at my job … studying … making the best of things …

I think we can all learn a lot from these kids' 2014 resolutions as we think about our own goals for the year.