Hosting a donation drive at your office, church or group is a great way to keep our houses stocked with the items we use most. With two houses and 55 beds it can be a challenge to keep things like paper products and laundry soap on hand. 

To start a donation drive, check out our monthly needs list and general wish list. We are happy to help you create flyers or any other materials you may need for your drive. When your drive is over just let us know and we will schedule a pick up or drop off. 

Just how much do we use? Check out the infographic on the right!

What do we need most? Here is a list of the items we use everyday: paper towels, paper plates, plastic utensils & cups, laundry detergent (we prefer unscented and dye free), toilet paper, hair products for ethnic hair, after school snacks and gift cards. 

We use gift cards to celebrate birthdays, good report cards, and other celebrations with the kids, but we also use them to buy clothing for the child who arrived with nothing, do activities on weekends when there aren't volunteers, and provide emergency items for the house. We love gift cards to just about everywhere, but our favorites are: Walmart, Target, Bi-Lo, Movie Theaters, Bowling Passes, and Frankie's Fun Park.