All that remains of the Christmas cookies are crumbs, the gifts have been opened, and the ball dropped. It's officially a new year and we can't wait to see what it will bring - we're hoping for lots of donations!

Back in 2016 we expanded and renovated our home for kids in foster care. Today we have a beautiful house for 30 kids that encourages healing, hope, and love. At the same time, we purchased a second location which has become our teen house. 

As 2018 kicks off our teen house is getting some much-needed love, and updates to make it feel more like home; starting with a fresh coat of paint and new furniture. If you'd like to help with painting the house, you can sign up for the first paint date here.  We are looking for donations of window coverings, inspirational wall art, bulletin boards for above beds, and body length mirrors. Stay tuned for updates on this project!

In addition to updating our teen house, we also have new volunteer opportunities to start the year off with. Check them out at the end of this post and our house needs just below! 

Needs Lists


Children's Shelter: 

Paper Towel
Paper Plates
Ethnic Hair Care Products
Laundry Baskets
After School Snacks

Teen House:

Paper Towel
Cleaning Supplies
Plastic Storage Bins
Wall Art
Toilet Paper
Powder Laundry Soap
Coats (Teen sizes XL - 3XL)

Special shout-out to the F3 group that helped us cross many of the things off our January Needs List! Thank you for your support!

Volunteer Opportunities 

Sponsor an Outing: Between the two houses, we have 35 kids who would like to go bowling this month. If you can help with the costs associated with this outing please let us know. We expect it will be about $400 for all the kids to go. 

Become a Tutor:  We rely on tutors to help our kids keep their grades up and master their classes. Tutors will apply to the program using this link. Tutors must have strong skills or experience in teaching the subjects they sign up for. 

Provide a Meal:  Food is one of our biggest expenses and you can help ease that burden by providing a dinner for the shelter! Each week we provide breakfast, dinner and snack time for each of the kids, and lunch for the ones who aren't in school.