The kids are out of school for the summer and that means more lazy mornings around the house, more time spent in the backyard, and a new set of needs! In addition to our June Needs List we're also sharing our summer wish list. Below you'll find some of the things our kids will need this summer, you can also find a more detailed list here. Don't forget when you shop on Amazon to use Amazon Smile* for an extra donation!


The best way to use Amazon Smile AND order from our online wish list is to follow this link, add the items to your cart, then before checking out log in at this link. We're always happy to help, if you're having trouble give us a call! 

Our teen house is looking for real dishes to cut down the amount of paper waste in the house. Do you have plates, cups or silverware you'd like to donate to the teen house? At our children's shelter we need waterproof mattress protectors to help our new mattress last longer. Twin mattress protectors can be bought at Walmart or online.  Here's the rest of our June Needs List as well: 

Children's Shelter:

Paper Plates
Aluminum Foil
Deep fryer
Cutting board
Clorox wipes
Lysol spray & Wipes
Bathroom Cleaner
Laundry Detergent
Mattress Covers (Twin)
Rocking Chairs for Porch
Bikes for teens
Storage containers

Bedside lamps

Knife set

Teen House: 

Plates, Cups, Silverware (not plastic)
Paper Towel
Aluminum foil
Grab-n-go breakfast items
Tall Clothes Hampers
Dove bar soap (unscented)
Laundry soap
Electric Can Opener
Kitchen Towels
Pot Holders/ Oven mitts
Slip & Slide



To schedule a pick up or drop off just shoot us an email or give us a call. Thank you so much for collecting for us and helping our staff take care of the state's most vulnerable children and teens.