One of our students headed back to college on Friday! What a great moment for her. Sad for us because we'll miss her but we are so proud of her. I'm not sure who's smiling wider - the Palmetto Place staff or our college student. This summer she worked two jobs so she could save up for a car. She is dedicated, diligent and determined. Working two jobs meant sacrifices. She didn't get to go on our beach trip because her priority was work. She missed some fun cookouts, ice cream parties, Super Hero Day and more - because work was important.

Ask her why she's excited to get a car and she'll tell you independence and the ability to drive to a job during the semester. If you had a car in college, think back to your priorities - driving around with your friends and having fun. But this teenager is focused on working and succeeding. And she's well on her way.

car keys

Thanks to a very special donor, she was able to go to driving school this summer and earned her driver's license. The next step was learning about car loans and securing her very first loan. And then the big moment! Buying her first car!

So off she went on Friday - driving to college, with one of our staff following her with a carload of things she'll need for her dorm room (more thanks to a special donor who helped stock her room).

Godspeed our special teen! We'll miss you but we'll see you soon.