Can you believe it's already October? Neither can we! Our first month running two shelters went smooth and we are confident that it's a sign for the great times to come! Two shelters does mean twice as many needs though, so here we go. Can you help us collect these items?

Teen House Needs:

Knife Set Large Casserole Dishes Large/XL Soup Pans Water Bottles Shampoo and Conditioner- Prefer brands for ethnic hair Laundry Soap- Prefer unscented and dye free Twin Sheet Sets Twin Comforters Women's Underwear- Sizes Medium, Large and XL Men's Boxers- Size Medium and Large Fleece Jackets- All Sizes, Men and Women

Children's Shelter Needs:

Plastic Plates Plastic Bowls Plastic Cups Bar Soap Lotion Laundry Soap Twin Sheet Sets Pillow Cases Pillows Twin Comforters Fleece Jackets- Boys and Girls Sizes Small, Medium, and Large Board Games Playing Cards Radio/CD Player Pre-lit Christmas Tree

General Needs:

Paper Towel Paper Plates Toilet Paper Plastic Utensils Laundry Soap After School Snacks- Individually packed


Email to schedule a pick up or drop off. Thanks!