Monday evenings are my favorite time during the work week because all of our teens pile into my office (and eat all of my candy) to tell me about their weekend and funny stories – along with the dozens of needs they each have for the week. Last Monday, as they were telling me about bank accounts, W-2s, job interviews, extra credit stuff, etc., one of them stopped and said "Ms. Jill, you know we all have so many needs as juniors and seniors, but I need for you to put one thing at the top of your list for tomorrow. Hannah, (a new 9th grade resident who is very quiet, humble, and sweet, who was in the house doing her homework) needs a new pair of shoes. She'll never tell you because she's so quiet, but I think she would like a new pair that are a little more girly than the pair she has. I can find out what size she wears for you."

Although I promised I’d put it at the top of my list, that wasn’t enough. They made me show them where I moved her need to the top of my to-do list sticky note. Then I tried to sing "We're all in this together" from High School Musical, but they weren't having it.

This is why I love my job. Because, even though I have 9 high schoolers that drive me absolutely insane all week, they support and love each other in a way that can never be described. Even though they'll never admit it, we're all family at Palmetto Place.

Written by Jill Lawson Director of Case Management