Capture Summers at Palmetto Place are one of my favorite things. The days are longer, the kids are home from school, and the house is filled with laughter. I look forward to coming in each morning because there's nothing like getting good morning hugs from sleepy eyes and hearing our teens help the younger kids with breakfast. It reminds me that summer is about more than just vacation season, long days and warm nights. Summer is about making memories, it's about playing outside, staying up too late, and trying new things.

At Palmetto Place, we are always looking for ways to expose our kids to new experiences, and summer can be the perfect time for that. We look forward to ball games, pool days, trips to the zoo and so much more! Our annual beach trip is coming up, and there is always at least one resident who has never seen the ocean. While there is a lot to look forward to this summer, there will still be days at the house where the kids play outside and have popsicles on the porch. Keeping 20 kids entertained and active isn't always easy, and we could use your help this summer.

We've posted our summer needs on our Amazon wish list and you can find volunteer activities here. With about 300 meals to serve this summer the Super Supper program isn't just for dinner anymore! Help us our with breakfast and lunch too! Since the kids are home, we're using even more paper products than we did before. Maybe making a meal isn't for you, but you could help out with coordinating a donation drive at your office or church. Whether you have a whole group or just one volunteer, there is a way for everyone to help out!

If you're interested in lending a hand, email our project coordinator at!