For weeks the kids have talked about going to see the Columbia Fireflies play ball, and last week our board members helped make that wish come true. While baseball is coined, "America's favorite past time," there were several residents who had never been to a baseball game before. We love getting to expose our kids to new experiences and we hope the memories made that night will last a life time. We made sure they got the full experience and started with dinner from the ball park. The kids got to order exactly what they wanted from the concession stand and once their bellies were full of nachos, chicken fingers, and hot dogs the game got started. Several of our board members spend some quality time teaching the kids how the game is played, explaining the difference between a ball and a strike, and teaching them terms like "bases loaded" and "bottom of the inning." The kids formed their own cheers and made sure all of the team members felt the support from Palmetto Place.

8 year old Samuel, who had never been to a game before, saw a foul ball fly over the park and immediately knew he wanted it. Lucky for him, another ball was hit into the stands and the nice gentlemen who caught it gave it to Sam. For this 8-year-old, we were watching a dream come true!

No game would be complete without ice cream and popcorn, so they got that too. The night ended with fireworks and signatures from the players before loading back into the van. By the time the kids got home, they were all exhausted and had heavy eyes. Hopefully they had sweet dreams about baseball.

baseball 2016 2

2016 baseball2

2016 baseball


A special thanks to all of our board members who helped make this night special, whether you were able to attend or not.