The Teen’s Big Bus Adventure So we’re going on a bus ride! The city bus, that is.

Learning to ride the bus and knowing about banks and bank accounts are part of our Teen Life Skills program here at Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter. Tomorrow, April 4, we’re taking on this challenge. It’s just as much of an adventure for the adults as it is for the teens.

Kat Heavner, our grad intern with the USC College of Social Work, is the mastermind behind the trip. She spent a significant amount of time mapping out our route. It’s not easy to just jump on a bus in Columbia and head to Five Points. You have to read more than one map to see the routes; you have to understand bus fares; you have to know how far you’ll have to walk to the bus stop and how far the bus lets you off from your destination.

Here’s the plan –


We’ll be leaving Palmetto Place with 7 teenagers at 7:30 in the morning. We’ll walk to the bus stop IN THE RAIN and ride the bus to the station downtown, wait about 40 minutes for our transfer--IN THE RAIN--then pick up that bus to Five Points. Well, not exactly Five Points, but as close to Five Points as we can get--and we’ll walk to BB&T… IN THE RAIN.

Our friends at BB&T, Katy Bair and Allison Rapp, will give the teens a tour of the bank and show them how to open a bank account. A couple of teens will actually be able to open accounts while we’re there. Having a bank account is a huge step toward independent living!

Then we’ll walk over to Groucho’s for lunch. Bruce Miller is a wonderful friend to Palmetto Place and brings food to us several times a week. We’re excited to introduce him to the teens.

And, finally, we will head back to Palmetto Place, brains and stomachs full! I suspect we might need naps and some alone time.

It’s going to be quite an adventure and learning experience for the teens – and for Kat and myself. Join us on Twitter if you’d like! We will be posting our progress, observations, and comments from the teens along the way. We'd love to have you join in that conversation with us @palmettoplckids.