It was great to see so many of you at our Sweet & Savory fundraiser last week. What a fun event - and we raised lots of money for Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter. The event was a particularly special moment for one of our teenagers. When she first arrived several months ago, I couldn't believe that an 18 year old with no art training could have that level of talent. As I told her story over and over, I know many people didn't believe me – that she could be THAT good.

She did two beautiful pieces for our auction at Sweet & Savory – a stunning portrait that she’d drawn from a magazine photo and a whimsical colored-pencil drawing of a girl with big green eyes. They were magnificent.

photo 2

We framed them and displayed them on easels as you walked in the ballroom for our event. It looked like an art show. I had the honor of escorting this cool kid into the ballroom before the crowd arrived so that she could see her work.

She was speechless. It was such a special moment for her – to see her artwork displayed for the very first time in her life.

The green-eyed girl went into the silent auction, with lots of buzz around it all night. We saved the portrait for the live auction. Such a fun moment to watch her watching the crowd bidding on her artwork! Her masterpiece!

photo 1

After it was all over, she and I talked about the night. She said she’d never forget that moment – seeing people admire her art and pay money for it. Before Palmetto Place, I'm not sure anyone had told her she was talented and that her artwork is beautiful. Positive reinforcement goes a long way.

For a girl who three months ago didn't realize she was talented, this was a huge occasion. A celebration of who she is and the future ahead of her.

This is Palmetto Place – where we have the privilege of making memories and milestones.

It’s not a moment I’ll soon forget either.