By Erin Hall, Executive Director Take just a moment with me and think about sleep. Think about your bed: sheets that smell like clean laundry, a great pillow, a warm quilt, maybe a fluffy comforter. Most nights I sleep pretty well. I wake up early when I’m stressed about kids or something else work related. I have trouble sleeping if I‘m worried about my own family.

Sounds just like you, right?

Our kids at Palmetto Place have pretty, colorful sheets, good pillows, quilts and blanket galore thanks to great folks like you who are talented and giving.

But their worries are different from mine. They’re worried about if mom is in a homeless shelter somewhere, if she’s eaten, maybe wondering where a sibling is or if that sibling is getting better in the hospital after being abused. They’re worried about how long they’ll be in foster care, or if their friends at school will find out they are in foster care. They’re worried about Santa finding them, will the Tooth Fairy come and, sometimes, who is this Easter Bunny everyone is talking about.

So when Jonathan Williams from Need By Need asked what Palmetto Place needed, I thought mattresses were pretty high on our list. Little did I know what that would lead to.

Over the past couple of months, Jonathan and Need By Need have been working hard to raise funds to buy us 10 mattresses. This past Saturday they were delivered and Jonathan and I had some great helpers for the big mattress move in.


Four teenage boys offered to help and boy did they work! They hauled out 10 old mattresses and hauled in 10 brand new pillow-top mattresses. Each of the four picked out their own mattress. It was no doubt the first new mattress they’d ever had. One of our bunk beds is brand new, built by Dane &  Jeff, which makes the new mattress even more exciting. New mattress AND new bed!

new bed

Ever seen a teenage boy hurry to make his bed? These four had their mattresses in place and beds made perfectly before I had a chance to turn around. And each boy immediately tried out his new bed.


Palmetto Place teaches me something new every day – usually it’s that I’ve taken something for granted. A mattress! The power of a new mattress. The power of picking out your own new mattress and putting it on your bed and laying down on it.

I just stood and smiled at these boys enjoying this wonderful gift from Need By Need. I had no idea what this gift really meant – it wasn’t a new mattress. It was a good night’s sleep.

Thank you, Jonathan and Need by Need. You gave a lot of kids a good night’s sleep and we are grateful.

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