When you think of “Family,” what comes to mind? Maybe it’s everyone gathered around the table during the holidays, family reunions during the summer, or maybe you think of one of America’s most iconic TV families: The Brady Bunch, Full House, or the Cosby’s. Do families like those, the ones with unconditional love, really exist? Of course, they do! Palmetto Place is one of those families.

A day in the life at Palmetto Place is probably a lot like a day in the life of your family! We eat breakfast and get ready for school in the morning and in the afternoons there's snack time before getting started on homework. Our kids are in after-school sports and we go to games and matches on the weekends. Some have jobs and spend their Saturdays at work while others get to sleep in and enjoy Saturday morning cartoons. Our family may have more similarities with TV families than you think. Enjoy these stores from our home, based in some of our favorite TV family settings. 

Full House "The Dinner Table"


The Tanner family is made up of extended family members and close family friends all under one roof. Each day when Joey, Jesse, and Danny get home, they help the kids, D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle, overcome some of the same obstacles they faced as teens. The kids know that they can talk to these adults about anything and everything. They often have conversations about friends, school, jobs, and their plans for the future.

In this week’s episode, “The Dinner Table” Jesse and Joey come up with a plan to encourage open conversation during dinner in a world where social media is the only way the kids communicate. Being the oldest, D.J. and Stephanie aren’t excited about leaving their phones in their bedrooms during dinner. Too young to have a phone, Michelle is excited to see what they’ll talk about.

During dinner, the Tanner family talks about homework and school, their plans for the weekend, and what’s going on around the world, but D.J. is quiet. After dinner, Joey checks in on her to make sure everything is okay. “Life is hard,” says D.J., “today was a bad day.” Joey wraps her in his arms and reassures her that while life can be hard, she is loved and cared for, and surrounded by people who will help her reach her dreams. It is amazing how we can put our hearts together as a family to resolve everyday issues that our children face.

The Cosby Show " AT The End Of The Day"

The Huxtable’s are one BIG happy family. On a daily basis, Cliff and Claire are running the kids to after-school programs, sports practice, music lessons, and doctor appointments. In this week’s episode, “At the End of the Day,” Theo contemplates love, and how one would feel it.


The sun is setting, dinner is being cleaned up, and Theo realizes just how busy and full the house is. With so many siblings, he wonders if there is enough of his parents love for everyone. Before bed one night he asks Claire, “How do you know if you’re loved?” Claire replied, “Love is something you feel and something that can be shown in many ways. Love is when we make sure you ate your vegetables because we want you to grow up big and strong. It’s when we check in on you during the night, to make sure you’re having sweet dreams. It’s when we cheer you on from the stands and cheer even louder when you’re losing. It’s when you can talk to me about anything, even when you mess up, and know I’ll be there to make it okay again.”

"The love we get from our family is what makes us what we are".

The Brady Bunch "The Show"


There’s a story, of some lovely ladies, who were bringing up some very lovely girls. All of them looked up to their mothers, the youngest one, 14 years-old. But then one morning, a boy named Brady and his four brothers needed a home. They are a full house, living all together and they’re not alone. This big group must somehow form a family, and that’s the way they all became the Brady bunch!

In this week’s episode, “The Show,” we follow the Brady kids as they practice to become a Silver Platter and participate in Cotillion. The Silver Platters practiced for 3 months and tonight they’re taking the stage!

Carol, Mike and Alice load the kids into the minivan and are off to the show! Marcia and the bunch have prepared presentations to music from the 1960’s – 2000’s, including dances to 3 Tops, Diana Ross & the Supremes, EnVouge, Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, and Chris Brown.

Carol, Mike, and Alice had no idea the kids had so many talents! Making moves from the 1960's isn't easy, good job, Love Bugs!

As a staff member at Palmetto Place, we know our kids are in challenging situations. We work together as a family to overcome those situations and that makes us stronger. We are the foundation of our children’s lives and it’s up to us to plant the seeds that will help them grow into successful adults.

Inside our doors, you find unconditional love all year long. No matter how long a kid is with us, they leave with powerful memories of happiness and support, memories of the family they found when their biological family couldn’t be there, memories they’ll never forget. 

- Ms. Jenny, Lead House Parent