One of the great ways to volunteer here at Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter is cooking a meal for our kids. You can either prepare a meal in advance or come to our kitchen to cook. Two of our regular volunteers, Debra Branson and her husband Ron Branson, come about once a month to cook pancakes for the kids.

When asked about how she felt about volunteering Debra had this to say, “As much as the kids say they love us coming each month to fix pancakes, Ron and I definitely get more back from them than they do from us. It is such a joy to interact with the kids – their eagerness, joy at seeing us and hearing their thanks at the end of breakfast. Even the ones who you can tell are having some issues never fail to say thank you. We know, for the most part, that is due to the very special people who take care of them at Palmetto Place.”

This month the Bransons made blueberry and chocolate pancakes – a huge hit with the kids! We love having them cook breakfast and can’t wait to see which flavor pancakes they’ll cook next month!

We depend a great deal on our volunteers and its remarkable to know how much they love helping out. “I can honestly say that every time we leave Palmetto Place, we come out with hearts filled with joy,” said Debra.

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