We are so thankful to have the support of Wells Fargo for our 2017 Unaccompanied Youth Program. 


With out the support from corporate partners like Wells Fargo we wouldn't be able to help teens like Marcus. Before coming to Palmetto Place Marcus lived with his mom and older sister. His mom is addicted to crack and his sister was happy living off his part-time job income needless to say it wasn't a good environment for a young man with dreams of success. It's never easy to leave the ones you love, but Marcus knew if he wanted to make his dreams a reality, he needed support and safety. 

Marcus lived with us for almost a year and we helped him get his grades where they needed to be so he could graduate. Last summer, Marcus was the first person in his family to walk at high school graduation and receive a diploma. After high school we helped him apply to college and explore different career options. Through our life skills trainings, we were able to prepare him for the day he moved out. 

It's the generous funding from supporters like Wells Fargo that allowed Marcus to find his success. Our teen house is one of the only options for homeless teens like Marcus and last year we were able to expand from four beds to 25. 

It is our goal to help every teen who needs Palmetto Place reach self-sufficiency and independence. In addition to residential housing, we provide medical and mental health care, crisis counseling, assistance in navigating government benefits and other community resources, independent living skills and guidance in deciding the right path for their future after high school.

Together, Wells Fargo and Palmetto Place aim to meet the needs of the community by providing teens with opportunities to learn, work, serve, be healthy, be active, be happy and be employed.