We've started playing a new game in the dining room. Each week, we hang an important word on a string of lights. We've invited our residents, staff, and volunteers to write down what that word means to them on index cards and hang them on a cork board. We'd like to share with you some of the responses we received on the topic of hope last week. IMG_20130124_092732

  • Hope: something that you keep inside your body. Another meaning for it is trust and courage.
  • Hope means that you must always be faithful in anything that you do.
  • Hope means that, as long as you are breathing, you have a chance to be happy. So, I hope for ALL my life, to try for HAPPY!
  • Hope is when you believe in something.
  • Mom ♥ Hope
  • Hope means to love my family and me.
  • Hope: living for the future.
  • Hope is when you trust someone in your life.
  • Hope means that you have the possibility to do anything!
  • Hope is knowing that there are people that care for you even though they don't show it all the time, and you will always have people that love you.

Head over to our facebook page to play along with the word that's currently hanging up.