When Palmetto Place first opened its doors in 1977, its founders realized that all children and teens deserve a safe and nurturing environment to grow and reach their full potential. On International Youth Day and every day, we strive to recognize the vital importance of protecting some of the most vulnerable youth in our community from abuse, homelessness, and neglect.

We work to help our youth create brighter futures for themselves by setting educational and career goals with them, teaching skills that they will use for the rest of their lives, and then supporting them in reaching those goals.

In turn, we know that our youth will be able to make positive and lasting contributions to their community, whether they continue on to higher education or join the workforce and help cultivate our state’s growing economy. We know that our children and teens will play an essential role in creating a better future for all.

We make it easy for members of our community just like you to support our mission. If you want to support the promise of our youth here at Palmetto Place and help provide a safe and supportive home for them, let us know or email admin@palmettoplaceshelter.org!