Unaccompanied Youth Housing Program

In 2012, Palmetto Place expanded their services to house and provide wraparound services to unaccompanied youth (homeless non-systems youth ages 16-21). Since 2012, Palmetto Place has provided housing and services to more than 150 unaccompanied youth. The Unaccompanied Youth Program has 4 components:

  • Basic Center Program - A federal Runaway & Homeless Youth program that provides housing and wraparound services for up to 21 days to runaway and homeless youth up to age 18. For more information on RHY programs, visit this site.

  • Transitional Housing Program - Housing and wraparound services for homeless, non-systems youth ages 17-21. In this program, youth work diligently on achieving independent living skills, a diploma or GED, and a stable job. The ultimate goal is for the youth to exit the program with permanent housing and self-sustainability.

  • Aftercare Program - After exit of the housing program, youth receive support services for up to 12 months from an Aftercare Case Manager. These services include resource navigation and coordinator, and a stable, supportive rapport with a positive adult.

  • Transitional-Housing Rapid-Rehousing Program - Youth who are eligible receive financial assistance for independent housing and support services.

**Unaccompanied Youth are referred by School Social Workers, community agencies, and by self-referrals.


Unaccompanied Youth Referral Form

To refer a homeless youth ages 16-21, please complete the following:

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